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We rent mannequins

Trendy mannequins

Different styles and figures

We sell mannequins

We have a nice collection of mannequins in our webshop

Nice quality

Nice price

We rent mannequins

We rent mannequins to everyone who needs them.

Great for events, pop-up stores, fairs and more...

Price starts at €30,00

We sell mannequins

We also have a nice range of mannequins for shops and stores.

Trendy mannequins

For sale in our webshop

We ship orders with GLS

We sell Displays

Shop decoration

Window dressing material

How to rent

give us a call



or ask a offer by Email


We need this information:

Starting and ending date for the rent

How many mannequins do you need

Male of female

Realistic or abstract white/black

You're name

you're adress

Phone number

Do you need delivery or will you come and collect the order in our wharehouse

Location for delivery ( if requested )

VAT/BTW if you are a company







Why we rent unbreakable mannequins

We prefer unbreakable mannequins because they are lightweight and so easy to use.

A lot of our mannequins are set on display on fairs and events, all organisations where time is important.



Our mannequins don't need extra attention and they are easy to mount.

Packing after the event is easy, no packingmaterial needed, just put them back in the box and you're done.

Our mannequins wont break if they fall.


And most of all ...they are trendy

We have them realistic in fleshcolour with real face.

We have them abstract in black or White.

We have them male or female.

We have them standing or sitting.


And we have a large stock of mannequins for fast delivery if needed.